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Inspired by surrealism, the world of dreams and The Rhythm and Blues,Kruttika's music is a combined influence of Alicia Keys, Carole King, Elton John and Adele.. Themes that make you think, feel, question, but still incite hope and let you dream. Blues and Pop inspired Piano/vocal jams that allow for a cathartic release. Kruttika is a singer/songwriter, producer, pianist and fine artist who finds herself inspired by the drama of Broadway and cinema, as well as the soul and elegance of Blues and Jazz.


She was born and raised in Mumbai. At the age of thirteen she lost partial eyesight due to a condition called macular dystrophy and struggled for years to find a purpose when she found her musical calling at age 20.

Kruttika trained for a few years under Vocal coach Samantha Noella before travelling to London to study at The Point Blank Music School, for 3 months under Grammy award winning composer and singer Phil Ramacon and renowned songwriter Linton Bennett. Having witnessed the amazing Open Mic scene in London, she successfully launched and hosted her own such event in Mumbai,in March 2017, and hosted it till September 2017, when she left for Los Angeles, to pursue her dreams and study at The Musician’s Institute in Hollywood. The event was the first ever, and longest running Open Mic in the city dedicated only to music, and continued until the 2020 pandemic.

Kruttika has also been teaching music since 2014. Starting out as an assistant voice coach to Samantha Noella at her school, then as freelance music teacher with Swirl Music run by Kunal Basu. Swirl conducts many after-school music programs at schools such as American International, Dhirubhai Ambani International, Beacon High, German International etc, where Kruttika was a part of a team of teachers conducting these programs. She has also been teaching voice and keyboards privately, conducting lessons online and in-person.


Since moving to LA, Kruttika worked with several artists as keyboard accompanist, background singer and performed as lead artist at venues such as The House of Blues, The Dresden, The State Social, The Study, Erwin House, Boarders', The Veg Fest , Lyd and Mo’s Photo Studio and Station 1640, Trip Santa Monica and Molly Malone's.


Kruttika released her first solo project, an EP of 5 songs titled "Snow" and a single "In my dreams" in September 2021. The music was recorded partly in Mumbai at Double Shift Productions and partly in LA at a home studio. For more information go to the "press" tab and to listen, go to the "music" tab above. 

Stay tuned to be a part of the musical journey..

" when I lost partial eyesight at thirteen, I thought my life was over. But after years of struggle,I found my calling. Music saved me"

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