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"Twin Size Bed" (Official music video) out now!

listen to "snow-ep" 


My instrumental work

‘This piece started out as a simple melody I composed for a class project. It was written and arranged for piano. I never really intended to do much with it, but then the longer I sat with it, I started to hear more and decided to rearrange it for string quartet. Although I have never been classically trained, and mostly write contemporary music, this is my first attempt at an instrumental string composition and having heard how this turned out, I feel inspired to write and study more of the same. The title “Summer” was given to me as part of the project, and I just tried to envision what that would feel and sound like. Something happy, with slow and fast-paced days, of relaxation and adventure, as well as simplicity and warmth. I hope you enjoy this piece and I am very grateful to ATLYS for recording it.’ #quiltedatlys #songsofcomfort #stringquartet

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